Sunday, January 20, 2013

Extreme makeover: Home Edition

Ty Pennington has nothing on our Healing Haiti staff/crew!! Our Guesthouse is so close to being finished!! What a blessing to have so many people willing to help in anyway possible. Our guests Julie and Fanfan were busy all day cleaning and assembling furniture, Erika from 3seams was such a help cleaning (even baby oak enjoyed some extended naps so mommy had more time to help!) The missions team is still there cleaning the kitchen and hallways. We feel so blessed and are in awe of what God is doing here in Port -au-prince!

My first week in Haiti has been such a joy. As soon as I got to the airport it felt like home. Contentment and gratefulness are my two biggest emotions as I started this adventure and continues to flow through me. God has been so gracious to me and I am so happy to be a part of his work in Haiti.

Highlights from this week:
*staying at a hotel for the night with my missionary girls of grace. What a blessing they are to me for some have been doing this for several months and I have so much to learn from them and also Skye who is just starting her first week as well. Such a nice and relaxing way to begin and know that I have such solid Christian girls right here in Haiti!

*Security with our advocate Don Moe. He has been so great and making sure we are taking precautions and keeping everyone as safe as possible. I have learned so much from him in a few days and am honored to know him. One of his favorite passages from psalms says; a prudent man sees danger and avoids it. That's exactly what our heart and motivation is here.

*Visiting Junior and emmanuellas baby's girl rose. She is so precious!

*The crazy transformation in one week of guesthouse 2!!

Looking forward to an amazing week next week with two teams in our two guesthouses!!


Monday, January 14, 2013


What a joy to be on a one-way flight to Haiti! I am anxious to see God work over this next year and see where he leads healing Haiti and myself. Thank you to everyone that continues to pray for me and the work being done in Haiti. I am daily humbled by the lives that have touched me and the people that amaze me. As I look at this next year and the tasks that lie ahead I am reminded of my life verse from Micah 6:8, what is required of us? Act mercy.walk humbly before your God. Throughout this year that is my prayer to become more like Christ and less of myself.

All the preparations and planning are complete and here I am about to embark on this next year in Haiti. Thank you for coming along this journey with me and watching as God guides this next chapter.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thank you!

Family and friends what a blessing to see you tonight. I feel so honored to know you! Thank you for coming and especially thank you for your prayers, knowing that I have such a wonderful support team in minnesota makes this entire experience all the more sweet! Thank you thank you!

Bon voyage!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at my house for the going away party! It starts at 5 and will go until the Viking/packer game! Stay after for the game!!