Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy valentines from Haiti!

As of yesterday I have been officially in Haiti for one month! Man has time flown by! I am still in awe of what God is doing here. Everyday here amazes me: the fact that I still need a daily reminder for rest, God seems to bring exactly the right people each week, words of encouragement when I need them and gentle reminders during the day of His presence. I've been reading the devotional Jesus Calling and have just felt over these last few weeks God pulling out words or phrases that I needed exactly for that day. Everyday hasn't been easy and as anyone can imagine there are some difficult days but the reassurance that God has called me to Haiti not to serve the people or even this great organization but that I am here to serve Him, that's what gets me through the tougher days.

Last week Jean, our director was in Minnesota for Healing Haiti's Sweetheartball. I'm so glad that he was able to take time off even if it was pretty cold. My respect for him grew as I saw just a glimpse of what a week was like in his shoes and man was I glad to have him back! Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement last week. As well as a shout out to the St Michael team as they were all so gracious throughout the week. :)

We did have some fun though too! After all it is carnival in Haiti:) The Monday Jean left the guys and I put together several access donations for cite soleil that the guys brought in to bless those living there. I'm so grateful for the hearts of our workers and their willingness to spend extra time to deliver all these items! The following night we had a surprise ice cream birthday celebration with Joubert who had been supervising construction at guesthouse 2 along with security for the week.

Wednesday is always a great day as the ladies are able to go home early because we have pizza! Since it has been so beautiful outside we even enjoyed eating on the porch. The boys stayed for some pizza which also meant they stayed and helped to clean the dishes, they continue to amaze.

Carnival isn't celebrated by Christians in Haiti but we found some costumes in the guesthouse and decided to dress up just ourselves. Dressing up was a big part of last weekend in Minnesota for the sweetheart ball. What a blessing to have a packed house of 500 people! Thank you to everyone that attended for their willingness to open their hearts and minds to what God is doing in Haiti.

These past few days I was able to spend more time with maxim while he was doing security all week and driving me to security meetings. I am so happy to know him and am honored to work with him. Really a great man with a huge heart for kids. I was even able to visit his home and hold his two youngest girls such a joy and such a proud papa!

Yesterday was valentines and did we celebrate! We had pink napkins watermelon pink Tampico juice pink heart shaped pancakes and a special pasta and green salad. Yummy!! Hope you all had a great valentines day!!!

Elisa Laura

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last week we had two teams--which meant we were very busy but also lots of excitement! I am very thankful for the flexibility of the teams as we were still putting shampoo, soap, food and much more inside the house. How cool to see this field next to guesthouse 1 (in July) and now that it's February a beautiful home that will provide more room for others to be changed by what is doing here in Haiti.
Guesthouse 2 isn't the only house with a new look. Guesthouse 1 also has a new sofa, dining room table and chairs--what a blessing! Thank you slumberland :)
Before we had teams staying in the new guesthouse our friends Julie and Fanfan were here for a visit to help set up the house and were present for the first of many prayers prayers that will take place in guesthouse 2. We prayed over those that would enter the house that their hearts would be softened, for the workers that built the house that they would feel the love that God has for each one of them, those serving Healing Haiti that we would continue to seek after God's will for this ministry and that our eyes would be set on Him. We also prayed over a team member who has been suffering from a headache for over a year and a half, that God would heal her and take away the constant pain.
An intense 15 hours of medical training took place here at the guesthouse. Jessica, Brunet, Junior, Nickenson, Fabrice and myself were all able to participate in the training by an American EMT paramedic that has been here in Haiti for the past few years. LOTS of information but we feel so blessed to be able to hear from his past experiences and gain knowledge on accidents that occur in Haiti.

Happy birthday to my brother Harry!! Hope you enjoy being 26!!

Jean will be heading to Minnesota for the week, which means I will be needing lots of prayer in his absence! Hope everyone is able to make it to the sweetheart ball!! Enjoy