Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today was Max and Diane's wedding! We've been talking about it here at the guesthouse for months. Comments like "I can't wait for phaunis' tacos," or "do you think the clinic will be ready?"

To finally be able to see this whole day put together was such a joy. Starting with about 40 guests we assumed by the end it was closer to 115. :)

Per usual the ceremony started later than scheduled but honestly it was still such a special service. Pastor Gary and Wesley were amazing and as expected max could not stop smiling! 

So happy for the couple! Congrats!!

Thank you to everyone from grace village/guesthouse/ missionaries--everyone that made this entire event happen! So blessed to be working with so many dedicated people!!

Mesi anpil!

Elisa Laura 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summa Time 2013

It is summer time in Haiti and busy is an understatement. Something new everyday-from dog duty to birthdays to two team schedules--however I wouldn't have it any other way. To know that the ministries that Healing Haiti partners with know that we will show up each week to love on Haiti's most vulnerable and that it will continue week after week. How cool is that?

Working at the guesthouse one of my favorite things is to meet new people and to see how God can transform hearts in just one week. Our God is alive and working everyday--I get to see hearts changed everyday! Its also nice to see familiar faces, a friend from Camp Dellwater and Teens For Christ days; Brian Royal was in Haiti. Also a friend of mine Kristine, who was on my first Haiti trip came a few days before her team came in June.

Dogs! Bitsy had puppies-one didn't survive but Gracie, another pup did and is doing well! Our other female dog Princess is also expecting and should have her litter any day now. Some of you may know that dogs are really not my forte, however I have come to really love little Gracie and can't wait for her to get bigger!

July has also been the month for birthdays and celebrations. Jean, Nickinson, Phaunis and Meliciane all had birthday's here at the guesthouse. Phaunis also got married at the beginning of the month :) We have been enjoying cake, cupcakes, ice cream and thanks to Skye from Aquaponics some yummy A&W root beer floats! Shout out to Skye--Fanfan and Jean still sneak upstairs to make 'em!

WOW lots have gone on since my last update. I hope to be better about my next blog post, hope everyone is having a great summer and loving the nice weather.

Enjoy the photos!!