Friday, May 3, 2013

LEAP Foundation

Living in Haiti there are several instances where God breaks your heart in a new way, a way that you yourself didn't know was possible. For me last week was that moment.

LEAP foundation, is based out of Dallas, TX and performs surgeries at no cost for the poorest people in the world. Haiti is one of their stops twice a year. What a blessing they are all over the world for giving freely of themselves, their resources and time. Truly I felt so humbled to be served by them.

As an organization there are constantly requests for help financially and especially in the area of medical help. Weekly we deliver water to cite soleil, the poorest slum in the world, one young mother continued to ask if her 4-year-old son could have hernia surgery. Another boy who is 16-years-old approached us that lives in a tent city, after the 2010 earthquake many had to seek shelter in a tent city, that he needs hernia surgery as well.

This process started in November of 2012 and the boys waited in line to see LEAP doctors for surgery, unfortunately they weren't able to be seen in 2012 but were promised to be on the priority list in 2013 .

For me this is the part of the story that I was able to be a part of. Thursday April 25 the Haiti director, one of our drivers Renel, the boys, their guardians and myself all headed to the hospital. The sounds of crying babies, sights of parents in desperation and the smell of soiled clothes filled the outside waiting area. Even though we were able to be seen earlier than others I began to think, "what if we weren't here? What if God didn't bring these boys into our lives? Could they have been seen?" Again I am so thankful for what LEAP is doing all over the world but when the need is so great and the workers are so few there are going to be those that aren't heard-their names never get called.

Thursday afternoon turned into evening and after both the director and I talked with a few doctors and administrators our name was called. I remember just praying and asking God, "Lord please let them be well enough for the surgeries and let them be able to be seen." The Lord did answer the prayer and after the screening process and pre-surgery exam they were scheduled for surgery the following Saturday.

On our drive back to the guesthouse I remember thinking about the voice we were able to give these boys, the voice their mom and sister gave them when they asked for help and the voice of God that calls each of us to His purpose.

Saturday came and the boys had to be reschedule to Sunday because of a more trying case, I was shocked as everyone seemed ok about having to wait again and just relieved that the surgeries would still take place. Sunday they were the first patients of the day and did so well!

Walking out of the hospital Sunday felt like such a blessing. I felt blessed to see the smiles on everyone's face, to know that God put the boys in our path and that both LEAP and Healing Haiti are in the field working to serve these little ones.

When I came to Haiti I asked God to break my heart in the way he wanted it to be broken. Through the eyes of two boys and their families God showed me a glimpse of his heart and the way it breaks for his people.

I only wish I would have taken pictures Thursday as we waited for our names to be called however I was too much in the moment and I didn't take pictures until after the surgeries. Enjoy these beautiful faces and the blessing they have been to me.


Elisa Laura