Sunday, March 31, 2013

Restore week

This was my first week of restore and I was able to take my 3 month break to the states. I flew into Virginia to meet family and then drove down to the outerbanks NC for the week.

It has been so nice to be quiet, rest and see family. Such a blessing! We enjoyed lots of family meals laughing and joking as well it was nice to have Christine and Michelle visiting. Breakfast in bed was a plus thanks to the boys for cooking! What a bonus to have the hot tub as the first few days were pretty chilly for this Haitian girl. We all were introduced to hibachi for the first time and even celebrated my birthday a little early.

I feel so blessed to be able to take a break and feel refreshed :) I am eager to get back home to Haiti and am definitely missing everyone. Goodbye beach for some real beach weather!

This week I am reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for each one of us. Not because he deserved the punishment but because WE did. What an encouragement to know that the God of this universe cares for each one of us. Whether we have $5 in our bank account or $5 million God came and died for each one of us. I encourage you, myself included, to show that kind of love to the people you interact with. God has equipped all of us with the ability to love and cherish one another. May you enjoy this characteristic and choose to love even when it's difficult.

Hope everyone has a great Easter!


Elisa Laura

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sister sister

So happy! I had so much fun having my sisters in Haiti :) they were both such troopers willing to help out in every way.

Some highlights: Caroline's initial response to Haiti her shock and blunt expressions were priceless.
Sophia's ability to get sunburn every time she goes to the beach ;)
Caroline's willingness to help during the week--from daily chores at the house to setting up/cleaning up for a party her last night.
Sophia's patience and endurance as we moved several pieces of furniture into the upstairs of guesthouse 2.
Caroline's love for Haiti was so evident and I was so blessed to be witness to her---what a proud sister I am of the woman she has become and the blessing she is to me.
Sophia's heart for the children of Haiti-from the start she said that she really desired to work with orphans in Haiti. How neat to hear about her wanting to return and bring more family members!

I am so humbled by the grace and love that both the girls showed over the last two weeks. God has been so gracious and kind--truly blessed


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Working with boys

We have had a busy week in Haiti! It was so nice to take a break for a day, last Thursday, we drove to a small town near Jacmel to look at a water pump. The technology used doesn't require any gasoline or electricity--what a blessing!! So the only repairs need to be done are post storms (Hurricane Sandy). The water provides clean and safe water to a school as well the surrounding area. I didn't understand The entire process completely but that's why God gives different gifts to each person!

The drive up the mountain was beautiful and a little bumpy. The view though was gorgeous--mountains and all the vegetation! It's just a beautiful part of Haiti. One of my favorite moments was trying to cross this little strip of land that was damaged from Hurricane Sandy. After measuring our tire's width and the width of the road we decided to go for it!

Guesthouse 1 has been empty for two weeks since there has been only one team. We have been able to work on a few projects around the house. To me it seemed like the boys needed an excuse to dig a big hole and play with some rocks :)

Salsa--Maxim and Jourbert have been helping with night security which means they are also able to engage in some late night salsa lessons! Jourbert, who is a construction supervisor and Jean's brother has been such a joy these past few months. We are excited that Guesthouse 2 is almost complete!!

Today Caroline flys into Haiti! I'm excited to see her and spend the week with her. The following Saturday Sophia will be coming for her spring break as well. Looking forward to showing them Haito and the blessing it is to me.

Elisa Laura

Friday, March 1, 2013


I am so grateful for the blessings of friends and the warmth they have shown me during my time in Haiti. Family is so important to me and so I'm grateful to know its important to so many in Haiti as well :) Madame Keslet works in the guesthouse and is always such a positive personality. She continues to surprise me with her new English phrases and watches for my shocked face so that she can throw her head back and giggle in accomplishment of a new phrase! What a joy she is!! Last Saturday was her day off but she brought her youngest, Roseminka into the guesthouse so that I could meet her! I loved her beautiful face and her smile is just like mom's. We enjoyed some snacks and coloring!

That same day Natacha--who has been such a blessing, asking and answering all sorts of questions about Haiti, food and life--brought her son Kennedy so that we could meet him as well! A shy little boy that is learning English and just so adorable. However he did pose for a picture with mama Erika and sweet baby Oak :)

Baptism time! Maxim whom always has a smile on his face was just glowing at his baby's baptism! She looked just like a cupcake in all white from head to toe! I wondered how warm she was in all those layers... She looked great and her family was so proud, as we are of princess! Erika and Oak came along for the event which was great since the entire service was in Creole I was so blessed to have her there to help decipher how the service was playing out:) Nickenson, a translator/driver at the guesthouse was the god-father and so it was especially nice to see everyone dressed up!

I am blessed to be able to work with so many people that care for me both here in Haiti but especially in Minnesota. What a blessing it is to know I am supported on all sides:) I know that as God called me to Haiti he provided/still provides the right people at the right time. Jesus Calling, the devotional has been such a blessing when I need a daily pick me up, God has the exact phrase that I need which only strengthens my faith in a powerful God.


Elisa Laura