Sunday, August 11, 2013

What do you do?

Great question! Its funny to me how I can literally answer this question different everyday but I'll try my best to give you a general idea of what a typical week in Haiti looks like:

Monday--busy day!!
The beginning of the week for me, as one team leaves to go back to the states that same afternoon we welcome a new team to serve the most vulnerable in Haiti.
With a few hours between teams we try to do the majority of odd projects; delivering FMSC food, delivering materials to Grace Village, grocery shopping and just about anything else that needs a taptap for transportation.

Deciding on Tile for building projects

Tuesday: Water truck day for our teams. As I work with security I'm typically anxious for them to return from Cite Soleil, I know God keeps us safe but it still keeps me alert while they are away! What an awesome experience for our Cite Soleil Boys to play in the Blaine Soccer tournament. I loved watching all the facebook posts!

KSTP and other stations did stories on the U-14 team.

So proud of our Haiti boys! Next year there will be a girls team as well :) 

Wednesday: After the teams leave the guesthouse to serve for the day I attend a security meeting near Petionville. Its such a great opportunity to talk with other NGOs about what they are doing in Haiti for security and what we as Healing Haiti should be doing and what we are doing well.
I've really enjoyed this time with other people from foreign countries that have a heart to serve and truly believe that there is a difference to be made in Haiti.
The last Wednesday in July we attended Max's wedding: here with his daughter and nephew.

Wedding Party

God-mother; didn't know until just before :)

Max: "Elisa, can I have phaunis tacos for the wedding?"
Elisa: "OUI!"

For the rest of the week it seems to vary pretty heavily. Majority of the time I am answering emails, scheduling teams, coordinating transportation and general guesthouse needs. I also am able to assist Jean when needed as he continues to stay busy all the time. I feel so blessed to be able to work and live with such awesome people. Here's a glimpse into guesthouse happenings.
Fabrice seriously wanted me to eat this bird.
Brunet and Nick not as interested
Brunet just wanted to eat the bird himself
Katusha was bit by one of the dogs :/
She was ok-such a brave little girl!
Spotted: Martelly's(Haiti's President) son at Wahoo Bay
--with the bleached hair--
Spotted: Sleeping team members :)
We know how to wear you out!

Arm wrestling
Even Fanfan tried to beat the champion...
unsuccessful but entertaining :)

What a cutie!! We just love this kid!

Sunday: I try to make a day of rest. Trying to connect with family back home. Church in the morning at PAP fellowship and some down time while the teams are on their mountain tour after church. 

Sunday worship at PAP fellowship.
The power goes out for about 20 mins, doesn't fade us we 
just continue to worship! Love :)

Hope this post answers some of the questions about my job here in Haiti. When I am asked that question I typically say that everyday is different but its consistently different ;) So happy for the change in pace and the constant happenings! Hope everyone is having a great end of summer. Looking forward to a beautiful fall!


Elisa Laura