Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hello All! It has been a bit and so here are some fun updates...

February 10th I headed to Minnesota for a surprise trip to the 3rd Annual Healing Haiti Sweetheart ball.  :) Man, such a fun trip I was able to meet up with some friends, hold baby Louie :), taught Grandma (82) how to facetime on her new ipad and was able to talk with so many at the sweetheart ball--my poor family so patient!
Me and Hannie Cheesing it before my camera died

This boy is ready for any kind of flash floods


Dave..great to see you man!

Annelisa.Mich.Me.Hannah mah date

Even dede made it out with his beautiful wife Christine

Baby Louie..heart breaker

Salsa Practice with the dental team before the ball

Before I left for Minnesota we had a going away party for Wilson at the end of January. The translators/drivers and I went out for pizza at pizza amoire. While we waited for the food we each went around telling some of our favorite memories of Wilson and our hopes and prayers for his future. Wilson has been a blessing to many and we pray that God would lead him as He becomes the spiritual leader to his new bride and son and that God would be the cornerstone in every situation. It was a great time to be reminded of the blessings of friendship and of how grateful I am for these men of God that serve the teams each week. Lots of laughter, singing and also some tears as this was one of our last nights together.

Me and the Man of the night

Newlyweds~Meliciane and Brunet~

Lookie Lookie

The Crew

These next photos of Brunet just crack me up


Sweat rag comes out

When I got back to Haiti on February 17th I wasn't feeling great. Talking through symptoms and this past week just feeling yucky I took a blood test for Malaria, so thankful that it was NEGATIVE! No worries :) So most likely just a yucky virus and getting use to the temperture difference between MN and Haiti. Man though the scare has now made me put my mosquito net up (purchased in December of 2012) and start taking the chloroquine meds again. 

Haiti is snow free this time of year! Come visit the guesthouse I'd love to see you.